Dear Investors,

As per Article 7 of the Law on Commercial Enterprises, each Partnership or Company shall complete its annual declaration form and submit to the Ministry of Commerce (“MoC”) about its status annually and in the timely manner.


In the previous implementation, Partnership or Company has to prepare this declaration called Annual Declaration for Commercial Enterprise (“ADCE”) to the MoC within the period from January to March of the following year. After January 4, 2016, Companies under the law required to re-register online (Prakas No. 299 dated December 29, 2015), the deadline of ADCE has changed to three months after the date of the notification from the MoC which is the following year of the date of re-registration or the date of incorporation if the Company was registered after January 4, 2016.


Due to the notification is online alerted through mail, therefore, the Company shall be careful about this matter, the email that the alert sent out is the one that the Company uses during the re-registration or during incorporation. The official registration fee of ADCE is KHR 80,000 (Approximately USD 20). In case of late submission, the penalty will be KHR 1,000,000 (Approximately USD 250)

PAT Professional Team,