Dear Investors,

As per Notification No. 272 dated August 31, 2017, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (“MLVT”) informed to the Company who wishes to employ the foreigner as its employee for the year 2018 to apply for Quota.

Work permit is not allowed if the quota is not approved by the MLVT. The period of applying quota for the year 2018 is from September 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017.

Please note that the Ministry allows to recruit the foreign workers up to 10% (1 foreigner for 10 Cambodian workers) of the total number of Cambodian workers. In case the need is over 10%, the request letter shall mention clearly about the position, technical or professional skill of those foreigner workers.

In brief, the Company who wishes to apply work permit for foreigner for the year 2018 has to apply for quota prior to November 30, 2017.

PAT Professional Team


August 2017_ Foreigner Quota