Ms. Sochivy SUONG / Head of tax and accounting adviser (855) 78 666 156
Ms. Sokkheang LENG / Tax and accounting superviser (855) 969 999 569

Tax affects everyone in business, investment or employment. The current complexity of tax law, the change, the tax system, and the penalties of non-coimagesmpliance, mean the right tax adviser is required. When we talk about an excellent tax advice, the experiences and the technical knowledge of adviser are essential.

PAT Professional will assist you to seeking ways to reduce your tax liabilities and add value to your business.

Our people with proven expertise, practical industry experience and our dialogue approach will differentiate our services from other providers.

Whatever tax issues you face, we have expertise people to help you. We will help you to identify and manage tax risk before it comes to a problem, improve your tax knowledge, minimize your tax exposure and assist you in planning your current and future tax.

We are more than tax advisers. We are practical tax specialists. When we talk, we present our advice in terms you can relate to so that you will be able to understand our language. Quite simply, you will benefit from targeted, practical tax solutions.

Our tax services include:

    • Corporate income tax
    • Value added tax
    • Salary tax
    • General withholding tax
    • Prepayment profit tax
    • Other state tax such as Public lighting tax, Specific tax, Accommodation tax, Property tax, unused land tax and etc…
    • Patent tax
    • Tax compliance review
    • Tax consultant
    • Tax planning
    • Assist clients in responding to queries raised by Tax officer
    • Assist clients to voluntarily disclose errors/negligence to the General Department of Taxation