Mr. Piseth SEA / Managing Director (855) 78 666 156
Ms. Sochivy SUONG / Head of tax and accounting adviser (855) 78 666 218

PAT Professional works closely with you to develop an accurate and compelling brief for each accountant you seek to fill. There will be no surprises when you interview your candidates. Each candidate will has already passed a rigorous vetting process. Every candidate will has been trained by us to be a good accountant before bringing to you for an interview.

We recruit a group of candidate especially top scorers from various Universities in the field of accounting to be trained to become a well-trained accountant. We train them the following areas:

  • Accounting principle and practiceimages
  • Cambodian Taxation
  • Accounting system
  • Documentation

A real practice of accounting and taxation will be provided to each candidate to equip him or her to be a well-trained accountant.
Candidates will be allowed to document a real accounting voucher, bookkeeping, and preparing the financial statements with closely monitoring by us. They will be allowed to declare the monthly tax return and brought them to contact directly with Tax officers.
PAT Professional believe that with this three months training, each candidate will be fully equipped and you will no longer waste your time in screening, shortlisting or recruiting any other candidates.

We can also assist you to recruit a suitable candidate in high position in accounting and finance departments such as senior accountant and finance, chief accountant, chief Finance or finance manager and any other relevant positions.

You will trust our services from the first working day of our candidate.