June 2017_ New tax agent examination schedule

Dear Tax personnel, Anyone want to be a tax agent or to get diploma of tax from Tax school, GDT announced for the new schedule for tax exam will be on 19 August 2017. Please find in the attached for the requirement. PAT Professional Team, attached: 9371_J

June 2017_ Monthly tax exchange rate

Dear tax personnel, As per notification No. 1514, monthly tax exchange rate for June 2017 are: Salary: USD 1 = KHR 4082 Other: USD 1 = KHR 4082 For your information, PAT Professional Team, Attached: 1514_June 2017_Tax exchange rate

2017 Tax booklet _ PAT Professional Limited

Dear valued investors and individual, PAT Professional Limited believes that this small tax booklet could help you as a guide of understanding of Cambodian Law on Taxation. The books are available at our office, please come to pick up this at your conveni

Tax exemption benefit to Workers _ Notification

Cambodian Tax on Salary: Recently , General Department of Taxation clarified the benefits provided by the Factory to the Workers which are not subject to Tax on Salary and the Fringe Benefit Tax. Those benefits are: – Transport allowance from home t

2015 Patent tax notification

Notification from GDT requires all business to register new patent from 1 January 2015 to 31 March 2015. Business requires to update business information with Tax Department so that your new patent is granted. Notification 286_ 2015 Patent