June 2017_ Monthly tax exchange rate

Dear tax personnel, As per notification No. 1514, monthly tax exchange rate for June 2017 are: Salary: USD 1 = KHR 4082 Other: USD 1 = KHR 4082 For your information, PAT Professional Team, Attached: 1514_June 2017_Tax exchange rate

2017 Tax booklet _ PAT Professional Limited

Dear valued investors and individual, PAT Professional Limited believes that this small tax booklet could help you as a guide of understanding of Cambodian Law on Taxation. The books are available at our office, please come to pick up this at your conveni

Tax exemption benefit to Workers _ Notification

Cambodian Tax on Salary: Recently , General Department of Taxation clarified the benefits provided by the Factory to the Workers which are not subject to Tax on Salary and the Fringe Benefit Tax. Those benefits are: – Transport allowance from home t

2015 Patent tax notification

Notification from GDT requires all business to register new patent from 1 January 2015 to 31 March 2015. Business requires to update business information with Tax Department so that your new patent is granted. Notification 286_ 2015 Patent