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In today’s competitive environment, business owners are working on the ways to improve quality services and products with low cost and without impacting on the effectiveness of key support functions and processes.

Business is always a challenging venture and smaller business could not access to a team of dedicated and skilled specialists while the larger entity can make a saving by allowing us to act as their back office.

PAT Professional provides a wide range of back office supports as follows:

  • Bookkeeping: We have a group of dynamic personnel to manage your day to day financial transaction and information pertaining to a business. You can either allow us to act as your bookkeeper though:
      • Stand-alone bookkeeperqualities-of-bookkeeping-assistant
      • Bookkeeper with Tax


    The way we work is to minimize your time involvement but to ensure that the financial statements are produced in the timely manner.
    We arrange your documents, key into the accounting system and produce the financial statements from our office. We will send you the report for comment and print out for final approval.

  • Outsourcing services: Just like bookkeeping function, outsourcing the entire finance function makes for good governance, economical and logical sense. Our team can work with you to manage tax, accounting and other compliant obligations and ensure you meet all statutory responsibilities and requirements.PAT Professional can either outsource a group of personnel to take care of your finance department, or to outsource one or two key personnel to lead or assist the department. Your staff turnover is not your problem anymore.
  • Prepare financial statements compliant with relevant statutory requirement
  • Accounting advisory
  • Prepare management accounting
  • Selection, installation and training of accounting software
  • Prepare financial planning and budgeting
  • Establish Internal control system
  • Establish financial and accounting policies